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Holiday rentals are here to stay as a viable, comfortable and often more quirky alternative to other types of holiday accommodation. The trend to experience an area as a local and have that “home from home” holiday is resulting in a boom in bookings on sites like However; a large number of holiday home owners struggle with advertising their property. If you aren’t an experienced landlord it can be difficult to know what to say and how to pitch your property to grab attention and those all-important bookings.

Sadly lots of people miss out on bookings because of poorly executed property listings. Many holiday rentals fail to reach their full earning potential because they just can’t seem to attract visitors. Fortunately, things can change quickly! If you play your cards right, bookings can breed more bookings! Once a few positive reviews start to build – the game changes! Knowing how to market your property to get to that point is the key and in this article we give 5 tips for a killer property listing for homeowners, letting agents and property management companies who want to make sure their holiday home listing grabs the attention of potential guests.

Tip 1 - The Tour Guide Mentality

You need to tell potential visitors EVERYTHING. Give them the full guided tour of the property via the description and the photos. People like to read this kind of stuff – it’s a form of escapism. Give them the opportunity to imagine being at your property and sell them the experience of staying there. All of the little nods and smiles they produce is a nudge towards that all important booking button.

And remember, If you don’t say it on the property listing or in a photograph – then it doesn’t exist.

For example – a property owner recently told us that he couldn’t understand why his property wasn’t receiving many enquiries when a similar property locally was fully booked. When he revisited his property listing he realised he hadn’t listed the Washing Machine and Dryer. A short time after he rectified this – the bookings started to come.

In summary – A well written, detailed listing is vital – and you need to strike the balance between being informative (telling the guests about the property features) but also setting the scene of what it is like to stay at the property. “Enjoy the sunsets on the balcony as you watch the ships and the birds pass by….”

Tip 2 - Create A Feeling Of Luxury

Whatever the size or price range, make your holiday home appealing and inviting by photographing those creature comforts that will give your guests that feeling of luxury. People often expect higher standards in a holiday rental than they do in their own homes, so it’s worthwhile purchasing some really good quality bed linen. Something with a high thread count that feels luxurious and will stand the test of time . Most reviews talk about how comfy the bed is so hit this sweet spot from the word go! A comfy mattress and quality sheets will pay dividends in good reviews and more bookings.

Don’t just photograph each room – capture the soft towels on a towel rail, quality bedsheets that tastefully compliment the décor, dimmed lighting for the evenings, a glass of wine watching the sunset… First impressions count, and you want to show the experience of staying at your holiday rental. Even if it’s just a spare room for the night – everybody wants and expects that high end experience.